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Dental Implants

stock18Are there certain activities you avoid simply because you have a missing tooth or missing teeth? Do you shy away from the camera? Is eating and chewing difficult because you have a tooth or teeth missing?

Having a gap in your smile can really be an uncomfortable situation, physically as well emotionally. And one, happily, that we at New Braunfels Dental Arts can repair with a revolutionary implant dentistry procedure — tooth implant (for a single tooth) or dental implants (for more than one tooth.) Dr. Braun is pleased to offer this implant dentistry procedure and bring your smile back, better than ever.

A tooth implant, basically, is almost like growing a new tooth! Dental implants are durable and look and feel like your own teeth.

Essentially, a tooth implant consists of two parts: a metal (titanium or titanium alloy) post is positioned into your jawbone and within a few months, fuses with your jawbone. Then a specially constructed tooth is placed on top of the post.

There are many benefits to getting dental implants:

  • A Great Success Rate – The success rate for dental implants is remarkably high.
  • Long-lasting – A dental bridge may last 7-12 years, but dental implants can last forever.
  • Natural Feel – A tooth implant might make you forget it isn’t the tooth you had your whole life. Implant dentistry treatments really are game changers! It’s like you grew a new tooth!
  • They Look Fabulous – Smile as big and as often as you want! Implant dentistry provides you with a tooth implant or dental implants that can restore a smile that is filled with healthy, natural-looking teeth.
  • Eat What You Like – When you have dental implants, because they they are anchored securely in your jaw, you can eat whatever foods you like.
  • Keep Natural Facial Structure – When you have a missing tooth or teeth, sometimes your face can lose the natural look a full set of teeth will give it. Implant dentistry’s tooth implant or dental implants treatments can bring back your face’s natural structure and appearance.
  • Easy Maintenance – A tooth implant or dental implants are just like regular teeth — just brush and floss them like you usually do with your natural tooth. EXCEPT, you never have to worry they will get cavities!
  • Saves Healthy Teeth – One of the dental treatments you might consider if you have a missing tooth is to get a dental bridge. If so, the two teeth adjacent to the gap in your smile need to be ground down to prepare for a dental crown that anchors the dental bridge. With a tooth implant, you can have that placed with no other dental procedures needed to the adjacent teeth.

If a missing tooth or missing teeth are causing you distress and you’d like to know more about implant dentistry treatments, call New Braunfels Dental Arts today!

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