Six Month Smiles

Six Month smilesHaving straight beautiful teeth and a fantastic smile is a huge bonus in today’s world. There are so many options for teeth straightening that it is sometimes difficult to choose which procedure is right for you.

At New Braunfels Dental Arts, Dr. Braun can partner with you about your teeth straightening options, and one of those that he may present to you is Six Month Smiles.

Straighter Smiles in Six Months!

Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary system for adults who want a lovelier smile. There are so many advantages to Six Month Smiles:

  • True to their name, Six Month Smiles invisible braces really do take about six months from the time they are put on your teeth until they are removed. Six months to a gorgeous smile! Imagine that!
  • Six Month Smiles use a clear braces system. This means they are almost invisible braces. The brackets used on your teeth are clear, sturdy plastic and the wires used to adjust the brackets are the color of your teeth, so they really are pretty much invisible braces! If you are getting your photo taken, often the clear braces are completely unnoticeable.
  • Six Month Smiles clear braces use a gentle, gradual pressure to straighten your teeth, rather than the regular tightening method used with traditional metal braces systems. This means there can be less pain with the Six Months Smiles invisible braces.
  • sixmonthEven though Six Month Smiles can’t correct all severe teeth straightening issues, these clear braces can correct a remarkable amount of issues while giving you an awesome smile. Because they are invisible braces, you can smile with confidence during your entire treatment period.

Many people are uncomfortable about getting braces because they are concerned that they will have them on for an inordinate amount of time. They are also concerned about how unsightly braces can look. With Six Month Smiles clear braces, having invisible braces can make these concerns rather obsolete.

Dr. Braun will be happy to discuss with you how this marvelous clear braces system can give you an amazing smile before you know it! Call today!